Our History

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church was established in Newnan, Georgia in 1882, and was served by visiting priests once each month. With only a very small parish family to support the church, services were discontinued in 1914 and no mention of St. Paul’s is recorded in the years that followed. Then in 1954, several families conferred with Bishop Randolph Claiborne about the need for an Episcopal Church in Newnan. Bishop Claiborne consented and established a mission and assigned spiritual responsibility to the Rev. Martin Dewey Gable, the vicar of St. Margaret’s Church in Carrollton, Georgia.

The parish continued to grow and was soon recognized as an organized mission. In 1960, the parish acquired land on Roscoe Road and contracted the first church building on the property. The first services were held on Easter Sunday, 1961. By action of the Diocesan Council, St. Paul’s became an independent parish in 1976. In May of 1983, ground was broken for a new nave and parish hall, and the first services held in the new building were on Easter Sunday, 1984.

Between 1954 and 1998, St. Paul’s was served by five rectors. In the past decade, as the only Episcopal Church in Coweta County Georgia, St. Paul’s has experienced significant growth. Our parishioner’s belief in a nurturing church home is as much a foundation of the St. Paul’s experience as the brick and mortar. St. Paul’s is a growing, multi-generational parish, alive with individuals and families who embrace St. Paul’s as their spiritual home.

In 1999, it was this belief that lead the parish to expand once again. Our dream was realized on September 17, 2003 as The Right Reverend J. Neil Alexander, Bishop of Atlanta, consecrated our current Carpenter Gothic style church. In 2006, our most recent construction provided needed renovation to the Christian Education wing, and completed the Undercroft providing necessary office space and meeting rooms.