About Us


All are welcome here.

We are serious about that.  At St. Paul’s, you will meet school teachers and students, lawyers and artists, mechanics and doctors and chefs, administrators and factory workers, unemployed folks and retired folks.  On any given Sunday morning, you might find yourself sitting next to one of the founding members of the parish or someone who started attending a couple of weeks ago.  Young and old, black and white, married, partnered, single, Southerners and Yankees…all are welcome here.
Our life together grows out of our worship together.  At 8:30 on Sunday mornings, a healthy sized group of dedicated parishioners gathers in the church for worship that is quiet and contemplative, without music.  The second service is altogether different.  We listen to the Word of God proclaimed, we sing, our healing intercessors hear your petitions in the side chapel after Communion and we listen to the glory of the organ and other instruments.
Our life together outside these walls includes an active presence in the Coweta Community Food Pantry, the Samaritan Clinic, the local women’s shelter and a wide variety of other community ministries helping our neighbors.  We support the new and exciting ministry of the Diocese of Atlanta at Hartsfield International Airport and also have a long-standing relationship with the Episcopal Diocese of Haiti where some of our youth and adults have traveled and worked.
Our life together inside these walls and around town involves an active group of elders, foyers groups, pot-luck brunches after church and a variety of opportunities to meet new people and strengthen friendships.
In the gospel of John, Jesus says to his disciples “Come and see.”  I can think of no better invitation to you.  If you are looking for community, for a church home, for a place to help your children learn about God and grow in their relationship with Christ and each other, come and see.  If you are hungry for a place where you don’t have to check your mind at the door and are encouraged to ask questions, come and see.  If you are eager to serve God through helping others in the community, come and see.  If you love worship that is anchored in ancient traditions but where we aren’t afraid to learn new songs, come and see.
Come and see.